Posted date: 21/January/2010

The just released Tamil film ‘Kutty’ starring Dhanush son in law of Tamil style king Rajanikanth and Shreya Saran that also star Kannada and Hindi actor Dhyan who is Sameer Dattani in this film is doing well in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the box office.

Dhyan stuck up with Hindi films could not make it to ‘Sihi Muthu’ of director Ashok Kashyap and Kashyap is very busy with ‘Lift Kodla’.

Dhyan plays a college student in ‘Kutty’ and he pressurizes Shriya to love him that gives entry to hero Dhanush. In the later reels Shriya loves Dhyan but Dhanush also loves Shriya. When things come clear Dhanush helps Shriya and Dhyan. Dhanush poses a challenge Dhyan on a particular aspect. Dhyan son of a politician forces for a marriage to another girl. It is time for Dhyan and Shriya elope. In this case also Dhanush helps his loving friends. Dhanush takes on goons and keeps them in a village. To his surprise Dhyan goes missing and it is the responsibility of Dhanush to take care of Shreya. What happens next after Dhyan returns is interesting.

‘Kutty’ is a remake of Telugu film ‘Arya’ made by Allu Arjun. Jawahar Mitran directed the Tamil version and it is produced by Gemini Film Circuit. Mitran directed ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’ in the past. Devi Sriprasad who scored music for ‘Sangama’ Kannada film is the music director for ‘Kutty’.

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