DINGA DELECTABLE - Rating 4/5 ****
Posted date: 31 Fri, Jan 2020 02:32:39 PM

Duration – 107 minutes, Category – Love for Dog, Rating – 4/5

Title – DINGA, Producers – Smt Chandrakala Mohan Kumar MV, Smt Gnaneshwari Suresh, C Jagadish, G Kishore Kumar, MS Ramanatha Gupta, Smt Sujatha, Anand Kumar,  N Shivakumar, HV Suresh, JE Shivakumar, Pradeep, Dr MR Madhusudhan, Music – Suddo Roy, Cinematography – Manjunath, Cast – Arav Gowdru, Abhishek Jain, Anusha Rodrigues, Nagendra Shah and others.

The complete film shot in I Phone with latest gadgets attached to it ‘Dinga’ is simply superb in its quality and on the substance part it is delectable.

Three main characters of this film name starting with ‘A’ – Aarav, Abhishek and Anusha – gives memorable performance with ‘Dinga’ a dog laced up to the story to make it more meaningful and worthwhile to watch.

Abhishek Jain is no ordinary director. He knows where to crack a joke and when to steal the hearts besides pumping surprises quite often in the film.

The film top song sung by Naveen Sajju ‘Jagave Savira Tara Nijada Snehaku Bara…. Comes at the right time but director supersede and remains loyal to friendship.

Tarun (Abhishek Jain) comes from USA leaving a hefty paying salary for some time to be with his 25 long years friend Bunty (Arav Gowda – after he started taking Bun and Tea he became Bunty) who is at the edge of death because of final stages of cancer.

Tarun on week stay with his friend leads to various developments and changes. What Bunty wants is the safe hands of his pet Dinga (Pug). Bunty wants his dog to be at the right hands and he has some conditions too. That is an uphill task. We have the love interest of Bunty with Jennifer (Anusha Rodrigues). It is another tragedy. Because Bunty did not reach at the right time, he misses his girl friend.

Jennifer has her own tale after marriage. All the three meet to spend some good time. It is time clicking for Bunty to reach the end. The further portions are heart touching for the audience.

Abhishek Jain has given an extremely good performance. His dialogue on dogs at the pent up frustration was not needed. Arav Gowda has made ‘Parakaya Pravesha’ of his role and Anusha very beautiful has given right emotions at right time.

The film is high in music. Dinga Dance is another catchy number from this film. Suddho Roy of West Bengal has left lot of promises from this film.

The big pat goes to cameraman Manjunath for shooting in I Phone. We have some shots that give a feeling that is shot in aerial camera. It is shot with a bullock cart support. Every frame of this film not give a feeling that it is shot in I Phone – with the results of this film, it is sure to be the future of cinema making.

Dinga…Be Positive as caption is a film for all sections of audience. Audience approach to this film made very sincerely like how a dog remains throughout life for its master – this film would be a good earner for the producers.

A film worth watching by family!

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