DIYA KYA KAR DIYA RE!-Rating 4.5/5 ****
Posted date: 07 Fri, Feb 2020 08:41:20 AM

Duration - 137 minutes, Category – love story, Rating – 4.5/5

Title – DIA, Producer – Krishna Chaitanya, Director – KS Ashok, cinematography – Saurab Vagmare and Vishal Vittal, Background score – Ajanish Lokanath, Cast – Khushi, Deekshit, Pruthvi Ambar, Pavithra Lokesh and others.

Life is full of surprises! A film by 6-5=2 maker of director Ashok and producer Krishna Chaitanya is a pack of surprises with decent performance.

While you decide that tragedy not to be this extent, you feel the mother and son sentiment is something beyond everything in life. That is the extent of pain the second protagonist faces. We have a very lovely mother character played by Pavitra Lokesh.

When the director of this film has decided to give surprises – he continues it from 6-5=2 you are bound to get it at regular intervals in the film. It is a surprise package that is touching to the heart.

Dia is timid. She is not strong enough to express her love to Rohit. She is surprised when Rohit talks to her, become friend and eventually they propose.

The life changes to a pleasant travel for Diya and Rohit. The director gives a startling accident for the lovers. Rohit is brain dead and Dia escapes from death. After a point of time arrives another handsome, good in heart Adi (Pruthvi Ambar). Adi is very fond of his mother Lakki (Pavithra Lokesh).

Ever since he meets Dia in a hospital, he develop affection that later becomes friendship and love. We have four more surprises at this point of the film. You have to watch it on silver screen.

Khushi is the first big surprise in this film. She has made ‘Parakaya Pravesha’ in her role, Pruthvi Ambar as Adi is superb in his performance. The mother and son sentiment scenes are terrific. Pruthivi should accept more Kannada films. Deekshit has good voice and he is shaping up well from his first film.

There is mother Dr Lakshmi alias Lakki – Pavithra Lokesh you would love to see her every time she comes on screen.

Director Ashok has great ability in cinema making. He should have made the first half fast instead of violating time. Second half is ‘Bharjari’ with surprises.

The background score of Ajanish Lokanath is another trump card for the film. Duo cameramen Vishal and Saurabh have given pleasant moments to eyes.

DIYA – needs your ‘Dil’ to watch!

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