DON KUMARA - Underworld Dons of Bengaluru 3/5 ***
Posted date: 22 Sat, Jul 2023 08:33:51 AM

Movie: Don Kumara (Kannada)

Director: Nagesh Kumar

Cast: V Chandrasekhar, Sahana Malathkar, Prakruthi Kaustubha, Mimicry Gopi, Namrita Malla, and Master Preetam.

Duration: 129 minutes

Certification: A

Rating: Three out of five

The director has made an attempt to narrate the stories underworld dons of Bengaluru. It begins with Seena, a staunch follower of another rowdy Bharath Shetty, screaming and shouting after receiving the news about the murder of Bharath Shetty by Kumara alias Don Kumara (V Chandrasekhar). He visits another rowdy Jayanna. Both of them try to locate Kumara but in vain. They come to know that a journalist is aware of the whereabouts of Kumara. They kidnap the journalist and beat him black and blue, insisting him to provide information on Kumara.

The journalist narrates the circumstances that made Kumara to become a killer. At this juncture, the director introduces a flashback to explain how Kumara, during his childhood, was punished by parents and teachers for no fault of his own. And how he was sent to prison for beating his classmates and headmaster. After being released from the prison Kumara tries to focus on education. Sneha (Sahana Malathkar), the sister of Mohan Rai, a notorious rowdy, wants to love him but he rejects her proposal. Later, he falls in love with his classmate Bhayva (Prakruthi Kaustubha). However, the rowdy elements will not allow him to focus on education. His parents disowned him as they were not able to cope with rowdy elements  harassment.  The climax is what happens to Don Kumara and his lover Bhavya.

V Chandrasekhar is convincing as the don of Bengaluru. He is very good in action scenes. He has the scope to establish himself as an actor in Sandalwood if he hones up acting skills. He seems a little bit weak in sentiment and romantic scenes. Sahana Malathkar and Prakruthi Kaustubha provide good support. Mimicry Gopi, as a chief minister imitating Siddaramaiah, has acted well. The special appearance of Namrita Malla is an added attraction for front benchers.  Music by Arav Rishik is passable. 


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