Posted date: 17 Thu, May 2018 08:04:44 AM
The director of ‘Bombay Mitayi’ Chandramohan giving a hit film in his debut is back again after six months of work on the content for his second film. He had a Bombay heroine and boys going behind her. In his second film ‘Double Engine’ he makes the three youths to go behind money.

The shooting for this good star cast cinema ‘Double Engine’ and post production has been completed. The trailer of the film was released at SRV theatre on Monday night.

It is not possible to explain ‘Double Engine’ – in the title there is suspense. For doing this film comedy actor Chikkanna is responsible. After success of Bombay Mitayi he agreed to do another film with me. The producers came on board easily for this film he said. It is a humor filled cinema with three youths goes out to make money in short time.

Producer Arun Kumar, Madhusoodhan and Manjunath Nanjappa are happy for investment on this film and presence of Chikkanna makes them free for return. Music director Veer Samarth has done music for four songs – a small issue told not seriously but packed with humor.

Chikkanna goes behind Suman Ranganath in this film. He is in ‘Dove’ with the senior actress. Suman Ranganath is an actress I adore very much. She has acted with senior actors. When I get a chance to fall in love with her, it is a nice offer felt Chikkanna. In this film with Prabhu and Ashok – decide that agriculture for livelihood is a long process. So they decide to make money fast in wrong route.

After Urvi, Prabhu has acted in this film. Acting with seniors it is a good fun he pointed. Ashok – remember this guy in Mr and Mrs Ramachari – actress Radhika Pandit brother in the film is also part of fun track cinema ‘Double Engine’. He waited for one year to take up this film. He had seen emotional end of Chikkanna in real life when his father had an injury.
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