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Often the ‘Dubbing Samkrithi’ is discussed and attempts are made to release the dubbed films with ulterior foul motives.
The recent ‘Koffi Shop’ tested the patience of the Kannada cinema industry, Namitha I Love you despite being partly dubbed (Actor Tennis Krishna agreed to it) got released.

Now the ‘Aa Marma’ case = the producer Madhusudhan has agreed in the papers that this is dubbed. The hue and cry is made to save the skin one financier for acquiring the television rights.

The proper division was also seen in the apex body. The KFCC President pleaded not to indulge in such activity. anything has happened the advertisements for ‘Aa Marma’ were released. Finally what happened? ‘Aa Marma’ was shunted out.

Hearing to such foul tactics the first person from Kannada cinema industry to raise his anger on dubbed films was Shivarajakumar. He asked dubbed film makers to go away from Karnataka.

With such a strong move the issue of dubbed films was also placed before eminent director, actor and producer S Narayan, Golden star Ganesh, Rangayana Raghu, Suchendra Prasad = there was all round condemnation for such dubbed films.

S Narayan says dubbing is oushadha illadha kayile visha ashte’. I am always ready to fight against dubbing culture and it is a wonderful decision of our elders like Dr Rajakumar, Ana Kru, Nadiger Krishnarayaru etc have taken the right decision and done it. When I do a remake cinema I look at the nativity aspect first and how it will be feasible to our audience.

Narayan was caustic on government officials giving a nod for such decisions. Dubbing is ‘Asahya Parampare’. We have the leadership need like Dr Rajakumar but it seems these offence maters were waiting for passing of Dr Rajakumar angrily said S Narayan. A parallel movement to curb dubbing should happen. We have to eat ‘mud’ if the dubbing arrives. Parvathamma, Ambarish and others are there. I would join on any day stated Narayan.

Whatever I can I will support and I follow what Shivanna has said = let the dubbed film makers go away from the state pointed Ganesh also.

Karnataka is always place for experiment to other languages. Rangayana Raghu looking at the excess of print from Badrinath film said we have wrong doers inside. They should unite with us in stopping dubbed films. For 10 lakhs one can become producer. This is what our fraternity should understand. Will power is needed. Not right persons sitting on the chair lead to this kind of mistake.

It is Bowdika Daridrya Anarha getting Avakasha is the result of this kind of development. Ichcha Shakthi Korathe iIdhe stated Suchendraprasad on his opinion.

There cannot be dubbing is the general opinion generated at Shyloo shooting in Munnar. K Manju film occasion being a part of the dubbing issue was a wanted factor and condemnation from the media was also noticed.

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