Posted date: 08 Tue, May 2018 08:21:21 AM
It has been four awards at the international level for ‘Edakallu Guddada Mele’ Kannada cinema of producer GP Prakash.

First take a look at the awards ‘Edakallu Guddada Mele’ film has won – Los Angeles film awards, Best drama award to director Vivin Surya, certificate of achievement for the film at CKF international film festival, best feature film at Los Angeles etc.

Happy with certificates on hand producer from Mysuru GP Prakash intends to do more quality films. His friends have told him to invest the money on land and it will fetch well. Yet he came to cinema field is not disappointed.

Srinivas of Purple Arrow has taken contract of reach of the film worldwide. He is doing the marketing too. A couple lakhs is his fees. In meeting some of the requirements it is possible to gets revenue from film festival participation. He has done this task for nearly 60 films. The dubbing right to various languages is curiously awaited revenue he says.

My dream is fulfilled says director Vivin Surya. This is a film that gives a message to the society. Individual, home his surroundings, his town; his country should be good he feels.

Dharmendra Urs character actor was in full enthusiasm. He almost disclosed the content on which this film is done. He was carefully handled by anchor Yethiraj. Dharmendra Urs plays the role of an advocate.

Swathi Sharma was also in over joy. She is happy for a recognition she got from this film. Nakul Sharma is happy for being part of this film.

The leading actor in character roles today with fine touch Dattanna was happy for the marketing work happening for the film. He recalled his film of the past and said how difficult it was to get entry to festivals. Coming to release Dattanna says something new should happen to keep the film in the theatres for one week. Scores of films are releasing and vacating quickly should not be the fate in future he urged cinema makers to give an eye on marketing at local level. 
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