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A complete entertainer taking care of inch by inch is this ‘Ellidde Illi Tanaka’. The tension is only of release of the film and I am not in tension on money matters. As a matter of fact there are already talks for the second film with director Thejas. I have travelled with him in the last 10 years. For anything he has the habit of picking a ‘Raaga….ayyo…..’ at the end of the day he is fine to work the talking star of Kannada cinema Srujan Lokesh expressed at the pre release meet of the film at City Institute on Sunday afternoon.

Srujan was very cool and casual like his ‘Maja Talkies’ at the media briefing. He was at his best pulling famous comedy actor Giri. Srujan slightly pulled the legs of Thara and cameraman Venu. All was in a light hearted matter. Even for Haripriya he said pimple is good.

On the serious side Srujan Lokesh most important ambition is to get a state award for his performance as the Karnataka state award is given in his grandfather Subbaiah Naidu name. It has been run for it in the last 19 years of my career mentioned Srujan Lokesh. I have understood that my grandfather moved in the last days with patches on his coat. My father picked up Blood Pressure when he entered cinema production.

Looking at the title of his film ‘Ellidde Illi Tanaka’ – he said Ille Irthini Konetanaka! Ille Swarga he stated was choked with emotion to a few hearts sitting on the dais in front of it. According to Srujan Lokesh heroine of the film is his mother Girija Lokesh and actress Haripriya. The hero of this film is him and cameraman HC Venu. This film ‘Ellidde Illi Tanaka’ has cost me more than expectations but I wanted my Lokesh Production house to set some standards he felt. I was told my mother to keep money in bank and enjoy the interest out of it. I did not want that to happen. Go on making attempts is my nature he added.

The famous actress Girija Lokesh said she never thought Srujan will be anchor and actor in life. At the childhood he used to cry and stop me or Lokeshji to stop going to shooting. ‘Enta Magu huttithu’ I felt. Today I am not able to believe his growth. Although he cannot match his grandfather and father in skills, he has strength today. As mother I have not done any help. I am just mother stated the actress Girija Lokesh. Elle Iru Magane Kone Tanaka ille Iru stated Girijamma.

This is like a ‘Company’ work for all of us. Adding humor is like ‘Putakkinta Chinna’. Srujan has grown too high. This company served various artists and technicians in the past. I should continue to give us films hoped Tabla Nani. Nani also thanked Thara on this occasion because a table player was given a lift via ‘Godhuli’ TV serial for acting – it is only on Tharaji recommendations stated Tabla Nani.

Thara had seen the film. she says it is a straight, simple, lovable, watchable film. It is a feel good cinema. Lokesh and Girijamma was like parents to us in the past. The same culture continues in Srujan Lokesh. He continues with good thoughts mentioned Thara who plays mother in the film and sentiment aspect is too good in the film.

Anirudh Shastry thanking for opportunity sung a few lines of the title song. Actress Haripriya says it is a re-launch for Srujan Lokesh. He has taken extra care and kind enough. In this film Thara Madam has come out so well she mentioned.

Thejaswi director making debut recalled his 10 long years of journey. At that time Lokeshji had just died. When I met Srujan Lokesh he was so good in all respects. The tension free attitude of Srujan is what surprises me on all occasions. There was no question of compromise. Srujan used to tell Lokesh Production means it should be a bench mark setter. He lived according to it in his production strength. For this film HC Venu contribution is impeccable. I want now from the audience that ‘Ellidde Illi Tanaka’ mentioned director Thejaswi.

Veteran actor MS Umesh felt satisfied for acting in all generations of Lokesh family. This is a film with no ‘Apaswara’ at any point of time. Umeshanna stated ‘Iro Ella Nagu Devru Srujange given’. Obviously he was pointing to his ‘Maja Talkies’ – that has completed 500 episodes for Durgaashtami day of Dasara.

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