Posted date: 12/November/2008

Bubbling with energy Shivarajakumar has called for a new style for promotion of Kannada films in places like PVR in English language to invite the non Kannadigas to the Kannada films screening halls. From the posters other than Kannadigas will not know anything. From captivating trailers and information passed in English it would definitely fetch good audience to Kannada films feels Shivarajakumar. He was answering a question as to how non Kannadigas would know when films like ‘Bhagyadha Balegara’ a village based film are made.

Intelligent in giving right answers and also clever in escaping the controversial questions Shivarajakumar speaking after the audio release of his latest film ‘Parameshi Panwala’ at Green House restaurant on Monday evening said he would not repent for the failure films in his life. Obviously ‘Maadesha’ a disaster film was referred and he said repenting is for an actor would not be possible because sometime the very well made films also go down the gutter. Where we have gone wrong I would study and correct in some areas. For a wonderfully made film ‘Chiguridha Kanasu’ that failed in the box office how I should repent he asks. We should go cool in life he feels.

Shivarajakumar’s attention was drawn on ‘Vamshi’. He had seen the film recently and immensely liked his brother in angry filled role.

Shivarajakumar has completed ‘Nanda’, ‘Paramesha Panwala’ and doing ‘Hodimaga’. He has signed ‘Bhagyadha Balegara’ for ‘Nanda Nanditha’ producer Ramesh Kashyap.

‘Paramesha Panwala’ has unique style of explaining the brother and sister sentiment. As hero I have one motto in life for the family and sometimes I go out for doing justice to society in that film.

‘Bhagyadha Balegara’ reminds Shivarajakumar of his blockbuster ‘Janumadha Jodi’. There is good quota of sentiment but it is packed in a different style by writer Ajaykumar. The story and screenplay are written by Ajay Kumar. Music Maestro Ilayaraja has done the music and Sai Prakash is directing this film that is going on the floor on coming Friday 14th November 2008. M.R.Seenu is the cameraman.

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