Posted date: 30/April/2010

Just a few days before going to the censor screening three songs and trailers of ‘Naanu Nanna Kanasu’ the team of the film spoke to the media persons at The Bell Hotel. There was absolute feel of satisfaction and fulfillment for being part to a good quality film.

The one line focus and complete involvement in Gelaya Suresh was appreciated by director cum joint producer Prakash Raj. The attempt of everyone was to make a good film said Prakash and thanked the team for tolerating his attitudes. Only talented have worked here and it is no sacrifice what we do to orphan houses. Drawing his attention on pride of Karnataka Hamsalekha the pride of South India Prakash Raj mentioned that he has elevated my subject with new meaning. He is not just Kannadadha Prathibe. Nearing to 200 films in my career I am surprised, welcomed and matured performances put me in satisfaction stated Raj.


Shylaja Nag

We had a nice journey. B suresh and Prakash Raj took us for this journey and it should happen often. All fathers and daughter plus others can watch this film. Watching this film would mean accommodating more meaningful films.

Ananth Urs

I was assistant cameraman with GS Bhaskerji I saw Prakash Raj working in ‘Nagamandala’. This is my first major work. The motivation and inspiration for my work is Prakash Raj.

Rajesh (Nataranga)

I have worked in the free time is what I can say. Shooting was never botheration. It was B Suresh who took me to Prakash Raj and we jelled well. There is proud feel in the work and dream would come true. For all those who say no good film is done this is an example.

Harini choreographer

working in this film is unforgettable in the future. The combination of talented has worked out well. The song lines in this film are wonderful.

Achyuth Kumar

I was surprised when B Suresh full shaved appeared in front of me on the second day shoot. I thought I have not worked so I have been removed and Suresh is the alternative for my role. It was not so. Working in this was like a ‘Sanchari Shaale’. Learning more here was good to cherish.

Veena Sunder

My dream of 17 years has come true. I went for interview the same day Prakash Raj was also there for interview. I thought then I should act with this person. Now it is a double kush for me. I have acted in a small role and my daughter has also appeared.


It was very nice work experience and there was full joy. This film will be a pleasant treat with many touching elements for father and daughter. This is a good film of my career.

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