Posted date: 02 Thu, May 2013 08:53:13 AM

We have heard of ‘Garba Gudi’ – sanctum sanctorum of a temple. What Saiprakash is telling in his 96th film is ‘Garbada Gudi’ – for female womb he prefers to call ‘Garbada Gudi’.

It is not just a film but an eye opener. Female feticide is on increase in developing country like India. It is estimated that more than 10 million female fetuses have been illegally aborted in India. This is despite of 1994 constitution that knowing the sex of the child is against the law.

Killing the girl child is increasing in a rapid scale and why such thing is happening in our society is the cause of worry of Saiprakash and team. The danger ahead, need for counseling of such people a separate center for curing such people who kill the girl child in the womb is necessary is the opinion the film throws to public from this film.

Ramesh Bhat working in this film felt satisfied after a long time. That is mainly because of the importance his character contains. This is a good contribution to the society. A good work always get support he feels.

Anu Prabhakar expressed that it is her career best role in 13 years and 60 plus films so far. I am also student of MA Sociology. Doing this film I got some sort of internal satisfaction that I did not get in other films she opined. The stopping of girl child killing in the womb cannot happen quickly. It should be stopped over a period of time giving socio economic conditions. The characters in this film are true one. Effort never fails she hopes.

Mohan feels that he has taken over Ramesh Aravind Thyagaraj roles. He has similar role in this film. Nayaka and Nayaki in this film is Anu Prabhakar. Producer needs double strength of heart he feels. I would always work with Saiprakash mentioned Mohan

Sihikahi Chandru explained the Lancet survey report on feticide. The programming of government is not implemented properly leading to all such killings he felt. It is responsibility of all in the society. A percentage of improvement he expects from this film in theatres.

Girija Lokesh made a sarcastic observation. Perhaps knowing the difficulty undergone by a female they kill in the womb itself she lamented. Hennu abale alla Sabale is only statement. Girija Lokesh recalled the boy and girl left on the streets growing in the family is today at the top of life. For me either boy or girl –both should get prominence she felt. Of course Prapanchadalli bahalashtu Kettu Hogide she observed.

Actress Anitha Rani bit by award for her ‘Manasa’ said this kind of film should get awards. Don’t give the awards for already given. Some of them taking awards ‘Ajeerna agide’ she stated.

Anchor and television programmer Srinivas is music composer of four songs in this film. This is his third. First one is Sheshu, second one is Billion Dollar Baby.

Another journalist turned television writer Keshavashandru makes debut as dialogue writer for Garbada Gudi.

Producer of ‘GG’ Bavaji is also story writer of this film. He is from cartooning to this field. He is happy with Saiprakash super fast shooting in one month for the film.

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