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Title – Fourtuner, Producer – Rajesh Anand, Surehdra, Vimal Golecha, Direction – Manjunath J Anivarya, Music – Poornachandra Thejaswi, Cinematography – Madhusudhan, Cast – Diganth, Sonu Gowda, Ratan, Swathi Sharma, Kalyani, Rajesh Nataranga and others.

The director of this film name is ‘Manjunath Anivarya’ – he has made inevitable to watch for portion of his contents  in ‘Fourtuner’ – in fact the probable fortune of the actors when they want to live independently eking out their own jobs, the ego clash in the two families of main actors – Diganth and Swathi Sharma is a big blockade. With protracted style director Manjunath has ended the film rather haphazardly.

‘Fourtuner’ – there is no word but there is a vehicle in that name and one who gets fortune is the ‘Fortuner’ according to Diganth.

In Golecha Film International the film has some interesting elements. The egoistic wife teamer leader Sonu Gowda in IT Company disregards her husband Diganth – Ego is at her top because an MLA son Diganth has cheated her. It is a pure love according to Diganth. He struggles to overcome his mistake. He follows a nice idea with Swathi Sharma a resident opposite to his house. Swathi husband is a colleague in Sonu Gowda IT Company.

The idea the freeloaders in the house Diganth and Swathi Sharma develop is interesting. They carry out food business to stand on their own legs. The honesty in their work is not identified respective wife and husband. The family of two supports the hotel business but IT professionals – Sonu and Ratan are hell bent and their ego centric mood continues. In the process the love suffers!

Diganth has given his best performance and the happy go lucky guy in films is very serious in this film collecting tears. Swathi Sharma with Uttar Kannada style of diction and innocence wins, Sonu Gowda looks perfect in IT professional role, Ratan as her colleague in the office has given a neat performance.

The background songs for this film are another beauty for this film of Golecha Film International debut film. Cinematography is convincing.

For the first time director Manjunath Anivarya, there is good stuff but proper arrangement and cutting down elaborate scenes needed scissors.

Rating:3/5 ***

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