Posted date: 6/December/2008

Ace Kannada film journalist with a illustrious career Mr Ganesh Kasargod’s second book on the plight of cinema artists and technicians in this 75 years of Kannada cinema ‘Mouna Mathadaga’ (his earlier one published by Lankesh Prakashana was ‘Chaduridha Chitragalu’) was released in a touching function on Friday evening by well known Editor of ‘Lankesh Patrike’ Mr Indrajith Lankesh for a thunderous applaud.

Mr Indrajith a close watcher of all the columns of Ganesh Kasargod in ‘Hai Bangalore’ on page 16 ‘Mouna Mathadaga’ appreciated the caliber and ability of the writer. ‘I am a fan of Ganesh Kasargod’. It is my ‘Yoga’ to release this book said Indrajith Lankesh.

The Bangalore and Kelooru Swamiji Sri Sarpabooshana Shivayogishwara Math – Sri Mallikarjuna Swamiji explained that the owner of the Sneha Publication Parashivappa who is publishing his first book of the journalist Ganesh Kasargod is known to him from childhood. The swamiji in his useful address urged everyone to buy Kannada books. Some of the times it is not possible to read what we buy but buying should not stop he felt. We do not use everything we earn and on the same mentality the books. He lauded the growth of Parashivappa who was once living on ‘Varanna’(collecting food and filling hunger from one house one week). On acquiring right knowledge the Swamiji quoted the misconception story of ‘Janivara’.

The cynosure of the evening Ganesh Kasargod thanked everyone for making it to the book release function and said he used to get the first call for his articles was Mr Indrajith Lankesh and he is the one who published his first book ‘Chaduridha Chitragalu’ too.

The owner of ‘Saraswathi Mandira’ ‘Gnana Mandira’ (as attributed by Swamiji) Mr Parashivappa who has published the first book in Sneha Book House said he was told by his parents when he came to Bangalore at the age of 10 years that the association of good people should be his look out. He is the owner of book shop today and says it is only the books that are permanent but not the money.

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