Posted date: 11 Thu, Oct 2018 10:27:43 AM

What is this ‘G Vana Yagna’ – life is like Yagna! One has to surpass various hurdles in life. One who knows life is expertise – Tagna. The Panchabhoothas are focused in this film with different narration style by director Shivu S. he has given five varieties. You have the experience of reading a book he says.

Kiran Rai and Ranjan Shetty are producers of this film making preparations for release of the film on November 2. 800 years old building that is with Sri Durgaparameshwari temple in Marya Kuththu near Mangalore is utilized for this film. At this place ladies are barred. Only men live in the 12 room’s huge building that is very sacred. With great difficulty this place was acquired for shooting. The role of Ramesh Bhat veteran actor is shot in this highly sacred place.

The duo producers Rai and Shetty are expecting good fortune for the film. Manoj Puththu with Shine Shetty play prominent roles, Adya Aradhan is a selfish girl in the film. Anvitha Sagar is another heroine.

Veteran actor Ramesh Bhat in a character role appreciated the humble team that has ‘Shradde and Bhakti’ in making a film. Director Shivu is intelligent and creative. In life we live with imaginations, leave out that and live naturally is the essence of this film.

Venkat is distributing this film all over and says the narration is very gripping. Apparently this film is from ‘Parle G to Google G’ – spread from 1980 to 2018.

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