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This is true to the core. Golden star Ganesh proved his mettle in cinema entertainment business as his three films were running in Gandhinagar reaping crores of revenue for the producers. Yet this ‘Unpaid’ Mungaru Male hero Ganesh (the film gave him golden star status) found the most extreme situation of his life on the sets of ‘Gimmik’ shooting on last August 27 at 3.30 pm to be precise.

Director Naganna got the approval for the location for that day with great difficulty. Ganesh knew that his father Ramakrishna is admitted to hospital for age old problems. He did not know that his 84 years father end comes when he was shooting for a comedy situation at 3.30 pm on August 27, 2018.

On the sets of ‘Gimmik’ producer Deepak Swamy, actor Ravishanker Gowda were other two who got the information but director was not informed on this sad development.

Ganesh with scores of actors were supposed to give their shots. It was Ganesh going to Shobaraj and asking for his daughter. He is a middle class boy in the film. Affluent Shobaraj asks series of questions that Ganesh answers. With great difficulty that is so difficult to digest Ganesh performed. On that day he came to know what is the exact difficult of an artist!

Soon after shoot, director Naganna was informed on this information of Ganesh father death – Naganna took producer to task for not informing at that time so that he would have stopped shooting.

Ganesh appearing for three hours to shoot with his father death news was recollecting his younger days of getting beating from his father, his conversations with father, how he used to take his scooter for a ride etc….came in his mind but appearing for shooting was because the team had no permission for next day of the location. It was also assembly of many actors made Ganesh to control his emotions and give shots for comedy scenes.

It is time to salute the real ‘Kalavida’ golden star Ganesh. It is only when media pressed to explain situation Ganesh came up with details of his toughest time.

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