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Title – Gosi Gang, Producer – K Shivakumar, Direction – Raju Devasandra, Music – Arav Rishik, Cinematography – Halesh, Cast – Ajay Karthik, Yathiraj Jaggesh, Rohit Abhay, Sonu Patil, Monika, Anusha, Bank Janardhan, Appu Venkatesh, MS Umesh and others.

For the story of producer K Shivakumar, director Raju Devasandra has well balanced the contents with entertainment quotient in it. With youths changing path off late in the city in mind, the director takes a look at the misuse of these innocent youths and given a right judgment in the climax.

Ajay, Rohit and Manja are very naught from the school days. They dare to hit the teacher from a stone when he is teaching in the class room. The youths are taught a lesson and called as ‘Gosi Gang’ in the village. The youths pass SSLC and the elders in the family wish to send them to college in city.

The motive of the elders is that they have voted the local MLA to power and he has to give seat for the children in the college without donation. Ulterior motive of the MLA gets seat for the trio in the college.

Ajay, Rohit and Manja hailing from village overcome the inferiority complex and once they help Chandranna (Appu Venkatesh). The gratitude of it results in good money, food, clothing and a motorbike each for the trio from Chandranna. Chandranna is doing all these support to youths because they saved his life. The youths do not suspect anything else.

In the post interval the trio is given a task to handover a packed to Mayoor. First time it is OK but second time police chase the trio. At this time the trio realizes something fishy. They revolt for the drug contents in the box they are handing over. The lesson is learnt after Chandranna and gang sent behind the bars.

Ajay Karthik shines more than Yathiraj Jaggesh and Abhay. The performance of all the three is lively and according to their age the screenplay is also written, three beautiful girls around Sonu Patil, Monika and Anusha extended good support as heroines. It is a surprise from Appu Venkatesh, he is cool for most of the time but at the end he opens up as villain.

The song for three children in the village and the same boys grown up singing Kempe Gowda….song are well composed from Arav Rishik. Halesh has done pretty good job in cinematography.

‘Gosi Gang’ is a film at the right time from producer Shivakumar and team. The villagers sending the children to city for education should keep a track of them and youths getting so much of financial support from a stranger should also be studied in suspicious way.

This is worth watching once.

Rating:3/5 ***

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