Posted date: 08 Sat, Sep 2018 11:22:35 AM

The release of ‘Gramayana’ teaser was on top because of top three sons of Dr Rajakumar family gracing the occasion at a crowded event at KCKS Dr Raj Bhavan.

‘Gramayana’ teaser release event pushed everyone to nostalgic moments and in addition to it icon Dr Rajakumar speech and clippings on his village days was touching and memorable in the teaser well designed.

Aparna an eloquent speaker and anchor conducting the show was another plus point of the event. Gramayana is the film in which Aparna returns to acting in a strong role of Thimmakka.

Vinay Rajakumar and Amrutha Iyer with Dr Seetha Kote, Sampath and others heading the cast in Devanooru Chandru debut direction and NLN Murthy production has offered a great excitement in the teaser.

It is my dream to produce a film for ‘Dodmane Family’ member stated producer Murthy. Dr Seetha Kote says this film would connect to everyone and the poster of the film is bringing in nostalgic moments. The narration given in different dialect impressed this dancer cum actress Kote.

Sampath a terrific actor as Sadananda Swamy says this is a Indian village script and nativity is so good. Vinay Rajakumar dedication I have seen and it will be a good film for him said Sampath.

The teaser is terrific in capturing the location and action mood for the film. The shoot was held in Gajanoor, birth place of Dr Rajakumar. Vinay Rajakumar is 6th sense Seena in this film. Amrutha Iyer is Kusuma in the film.

The trio of Dr Rajakumar family Dr Shiv, Raghanna and Puneeth Rajakumar went down the memory and it looked very interesting and the applaud, whistle, appreciation came for the trio address like how it is given to a film.

Vinay Rajakumar explained the tense moment when he went to Gajanooru to shoot for the teaser. I sought ‘Taata’ blessing at that place. This script haunts very much he said.

Raghanna addressing on this occasion said it is a moment of ‘Khushi and Bhaya’. My father used to go to Gajanoor without chappal. He used to come to the village the huge banyan tree pleasant air was nothing but asking ‘Oh You have come now’. When my son Vinay came up with this script I was moved because I had seen the aspect of ‘Kalibeku’. That is enough to go ahead in profession pointed Raghanna.

The KFCC President SA Chinne Gowda also went to the days of Gajanoor and Saligrama. It was very interesting to know from him.

Director Devanooru Chandru decked in traditional village costume like Vinay Rajakumar hero of the film thanked his fortunes for getting opportunity after a long time. When Raghanna invited for lunch he was very emotional. Inviting for lunch he gave the consent for this film ‘Gramayana’ shows the humbleness of Raghanna he mentioned.

The address made by Dr Shiv and Puneeth Rajakumar was something special that is reported in two separate reports.

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