Posted date: 27/November/2008

When Doddarange Gowda said to director N.R.K.Vishwanath (also a journalist) at the ‘Thali Kattuva Shuba Vele’ press briefing that he will be another Puttanna Kanagal everyone doubted the credibility of Doddarange Gowda. It was also at the Press Club of Bangalore. A lot of others orally got the position of doyen of Kannada cinema.

But on last Wednesday night at the same Press Club of Bangalore actor cum politician Jaggesh said ‘Guruprasad would replace the chair of Puttanna Kanagal’ did not surprise anyone. Guruprasad is of present genre. You would recall this day of such attribution by me said Jaggesh. There was only drizzle and wind!

Jaggesh is known for such statements and sometimes he is right. Taking a lot of time and making lot of flash back speech Jaggesh making loans of 200 to 500 rupees to buy Luna, taking Fiat car second hand, then getting brand new Maruthi 800 from KCN Kumar all rolled out in his speech.

I have played a modulation for 14 scenes in one frame. I would challenge anyone to repeat it said Jaggesh. In my life I have not begged for money, roles and awards others should know it. I believed in the claps of the audience said Jagganna.

On his observation on social stigma in ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ he said it is about intelligent drunkards. The role is untidy he said.

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