Posted date: 8/December/2008

‘Haaru Hakkiyaneri’ literary personality Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award winner A.N.Prasanna remembers his days in Harihara while making this film while we remember the song ‘Hakkiyu Haruthidhe Doorakke Hakkiyu Haruthide….sung by P.B.Srinivos for Rajanna film.

Prasanna for his own story written screenplay, invested money and directed the film ‘Haru Hakkiyaneri’. The bottleneck he faced was from the age old rules of the Animal Welfare Board as he has used the doves (parivala) in his film. Without knowing the rules he has shot the hundreds of doves in the camera work of ace cameraman Ramachandra Ithal but later he had to wait for the clearance from the Animal welfare Board. This consumed nearly one year for the last year prepared film.

A writer of four decades Prasanna has transformed the ‘Parivalagalu’ short story he had written in 1989. For writing this story the childhood of Prasanna in Harihara is responsible. He has completed the film with lot novelties in it.

For cameraman Ramachandra Ithal this film is special because no dubbing has been done. The voices were recorded live, no BGM has been utilized for the folk songs and no one has undergone make up. Showing the reality is the effort of this film.

Keshav Acharya an up-to-date youngster is playing an important role with Jayarama Thathacharya, Vasudha Barighat, Ramesh Athreya, Master Vasudev Ram, Chandrasekhar, Niranjan Krishna, Nirmala and others. Pravin D Rao has scored the music.

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