Posted date: 03 Fri, Aug 2018 08:14:54 AM

In ‘Hawala’ – the man with gun make the rules. An action packed thriller from debutant director Ammith – actor in big screen and small screen (9 TV serials Agni Saakshi top of all) watching the cinema industry closely from last 15 years is ready with shooting.

‘Hawala’ is in Kannada and Tamil languages shot in Bengaluru and Mangaluru. The underworld nexus and crime is the hall mark of this film content. The teaser with bullet sounds hitting to the ears was unveiled on Thursday evening at Green House Raj Milan by KFCC secretary Ba Ma Harish.

Ammith knows Ba Ma Harish from the days of ‘Magadi’ time in which he played a villain. Srinivas a macho man is hero, Praveen Kumar Shetty is producer, Sahana is female counterpart, Kishor music, Surya Jayanth, Guru Gowda in villain roles. There is no hero actually. All are villains in this film. Heroine Sahana is a call girl in negative shade transform to positive end. This film has no reference to ‘Hawala’ racket issue.

Ammith had planned the film since two years. It is a simultaneous shooting in two languages. It is from Shashikumar Pandit he came in to contact with producer Praveen Kumar Shetty. Nilagal Ravi, Ranjan, Rajendran and others are in Tamil version of the film. One is Maskal and other one is Naama in central roles. Selvam Raj Krishna penned dialogues. For Ammith debut direction Ram Gopal Verma is the key inspiration.

Music composer Kishor composed a promo song for Uppi Huli Khara is basically a rapper made three songs for this film. He explained that Ammith was very specific in his work.

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