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The same position, same shoe, same class board – in the last 30 years of life! The qualified software engineer grin and it does not reach the ears of ‘Head Master Vamana Rao’ – an intelligent student who is not able to participate in a competition comes and headmaster picks a mango bite chocolate and gives money from his pocket. The grown up old student sitting in front of him looks at the jaded style of functioning. When Vamana Rao writes Rs.10 on a chit and shows how he maintains account of the school the wonder increases.

For the software boy sitting in front of him it is this Vamana Rao brought smile and offered mango bite chocolate (That was not there twenty years back is a different issue).

Things don’t change for the teachers who taught us. They remain loyal and truthful forever. After all the grown up old student of the school Vidhyadhan had come for attestation of his SSLC marks mark as he lost the original. As there is no power for Xerox and sometime left the Guru asks his old student to take a class. He agrees and teachers what is success in life to the school students.

The short film of ‘Head Master Vamana Rao’ moves without any shortfalls and takes us to the nostalgic moments. This is a beautiful and heartfelt study of a teacher is set to come in ‘Sakkath Studio’ web series soon. Vijaya Prakash ace singer has delivered the song Vandaneye Abhivandaneye….

Srinath Chittara playing the head master Vamana Rao role remembered his school days performing in the lead role.  Director, actor and co producer with Amaranath VB Girish Bijjal has in software engineer role is perfect.

Shivu Bhergi and Ajit Padmanabh worked on lyrics, music and BGM, Ajith AU is cinematographer, By 2 Coffee films and Wood creepers production is this short film.

Sandya Amarnath VB, Nagaraj M, Gavi Siddayya and Vidhadaan school kids are part of this short film in front of camera.

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