Posted date: 25 Fri, May 2018 09:41:05 PM
Title – Hottegagi Genu Battegagi, Producer – Colors of Anekal and Acme International, Direction – Narendra Babu, Music – Ramachandra Hadapad, Cinematography – PKH Das, Cast – Ananthnag, Radhika Chetan, Smitha Kulkarni, Sandeep Urs, Anil and others.

It is graduated in thoughts and glorious in handling. With class actor like Ananthnag and commendable job from state award winning director Narendra Babu, there is sufficient stuff that keeps you glued to the seats.

On why it is graduated in thoughts is because the issues picked in this film – relationships, bonding, clearing the fuss with high class thinking and emotion as under current ‘Hottegagi Genu Battegaagi’ drives you to the theatres.

Ananthnag the profound actor has acted on some of the occasions with his expressions. He is an intern in the location but a different company Gamya Groups where he worked for a long time. This intern has emotional bondage. After loss of wife eight years ago he is feeling lonely. As the startup companies hire elderly qualified as intern – Shyamprasad settles in this place to keep him occupied.

As he studies the company in the late hours and puts his effort on all areas, he traces the personal life of Shravya is also a cumbersome. Shravya is in living in relationship. As Shravya is boss the development further in her life is a mirror to the society.

As the living in relationship breaks up, the handling of that precarious situation because Shravya is pregnant – the sense of class is adopted. On the other hand you should see the happiness in Shyamprasad when Shravya retains her child and moves to California.

There is question of fighting with the given circumstances. It further leads to rotten situation. When it is handled with high degree of thinking? That is what this film does. Shravya boy friend in living in relationship who is so important in her life is found in another relation, how Shravya handle the situation by saying ‘I have not made any mistake’ is the state of the present day cinema.

Ananthnag is the sole pinch hitter of this film. In silence he wins what he wanted to tell in dialogues. Radhika Chetan looks very grand; her costume sense for the business tycoon role is fantastic.

Deepak Urs, Smitha Kulkarni, Anil, Radhika Chetan mother character have done a neat job. Ramachandra Hadapad two lovely scorings are long lasting in memory.

PKH Das is ‘Boss’ of cinematography already. He gives the right mood for the shots through his lighting.

Score – 3 / 5 ***

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