Posted date: 28 Sat, Nov 2020 01:27:14 PM

The Contrapine evolved ‘FENDE’ a brain child of software engineer Rahul Reddy has come here to give a big blow to piracy operators. This is no doubt a revolution in the Indian cinema industry – a group of Kannadigas from Karnataka striking the idea is a memorable thing in the month of Kannada Rajyotsava!

Rahul Reddy working on this idea for the last two years developed the system ‘FENDE’ in the last eight months and he was supported by Durga Prasad on production side and Sridhar on the marketing of the product.

How does FENDE work according to Sridhar? In every cinema hall this instrument made at a cost of Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.2.5 lakhs is placed at the amplifier. At the first invention stage the FENDE avoids the sound recording of the film screened and secondly the one who is doing the mischief is caught easily. This results in tracing the piracy done via mobile especially and the person is locked with stringent rules of the law.

The second stage of this Rahul Reddy discovery will avoid the capture of video. Then that is the end of piracy operators says Sridhar speaking to this correspondent in a telephonic chat. The next step of eradicating piracy will be ready by April next year and that time it is Corona free also he says with strong conviction.

Noted actress Shruthi present at the launch of FENDE urged for the government of Karnataka participation in it. The team of Contrapine initially thought of giving free to cinema halls. That is not possible looking at the needs of every cinema hall.

For this economic calculation the power star of Kannada cinema Puneeth Rajakumar suggested that it could be given on rental basis to cinema halls as the affordability at this juncture is not possible.

Sridhar and team have liked the idea suggested by Power star Puneeth Rajakumar. The operating system of it would be explained to producers and exhibitor sectors very soon by this team.

According to Sridhar, in case eight films release a week, the need of this FENDE is for one to four weeks maximum. The initial set back the piracy operators gives should be avoided is the major thought. Any super star film gathers the full budget of the movie within four weeks as they are released in hundreds of theatres, says Sridhar.

Another delectable point of this FENDE is that the YouTube video also could be protected from piracy.

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