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Here is a new attempt in making from new team! That ‘I 1’ Kannada cinema! The maximum portion of this film shooting will be held in a Tempo Traveler vehicle – there three in it locked. The three are the key actors in the film Kishor, Ranjan MSP and Dhiraj Prasad.

This sounds interesting. Debutant director RS Rajakumar has worked in Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam as assistant and associate director. It is a suspense thriller. Audience would see to themselves in that given situation.  Rajakumar worked under KP Bhavani Shanker and later in other language films. According to him in this 2 hours plus cinema ‘I 1’ – the audience would come at edge of the seat for every 10 minutes and 10 seconds precisely. This is an experiment film. On heroine of the film, why do they get locked in the TT and other questions from the media Rajakumar says watch the film! The regional censor board approved with U certificate for the film.

Producer Shylaja Prakash was impressed when story was narrated to her. She is confidence of audience acceptance. She is from teaching profession. How to avoid the social evil – you have answer in this film she says. Each person is unique in life which she had seen from social life.

She is happy because the film has been already selected for the Kolkota International Film Festival – the screening of the film is on 14th of November. In this month end the plans are on to release in Karnataka theatres.

Kishor hails from television acting to cinema. He has given audition for this film. The film narration is in Korean film pattern. It is unique in presentation he says. I have experienced good things working for this film he adds.  Ranjan MSP is both Khadak and Silent in his role. Dhiraj Prasad from theatre plays to acting played Arjun Reddy role in the film.

Shivu P Chaco a Malayalam speaking is cameraman, Vishal Rjendran is editor, Vibhin has done music for this film.

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