Posted date: 29/December/2009

‘If any singer I would touch the feet it is only Shanker Mahadevan’ – top singer of this country Shreya Goshal made this statement respecting the rich talent of the singer on Sunday night at ‘Music K Maha Muqabla’ in Star TV one hour program sitting as judge with Mikha Singh, Shaan and Mohith.

It was a stiff competition in music that was very attractive to watch because the ‘Muqabla’ was between the team of Shanker Mahadevan and Himesh Reshmeya. Both the top singers have trained singers of three each in the team in this ‘Muqabla’. The audience and judges give the scores and top scorer is declared the winner in this round of music competition.

When Rahul Vaidya sung the very melodious song from Shanker Mahadevan team it was huge round of applause. Shanker Mahadevan declared that only two singers after Rafiji could sing like this – one is this Rahul Vaidya and the other one Sonu Nigam. But it was so unfortunate Rahul Vaidya did not win the singer of the show although Shanker Mahadevan team won the ‘Muqabla’ by .60 points. It was another good singer Vineeth from Himesh Reshmiya team who bagged the singer of the evening.

This is not just that. The ‘Muqabla’ was straight between Shanker Mahadevan and Himesh Reshmiya. Shanker Mahadeven to get more scores sung the most popular song of his on mother from ‘Tare Zamin Par’- Mein Kabhi Bathalatha Nahin Par Andheri Se dartha Hoo Meri Maa….. to counter the popularity of this song Himesh Reshmiya sung the patriotic song but to put down the popularity of Himesh the fabulous singer Shanker Mahadevan sung the Ganapathi Bappa Moria….that enthralled the Mumbai crowd to the peak. In fact the selection of song made by Shanker Mahadevan gave him extra edge and he scored 110.90 as against Himesh Reshmiya team score of 110.35 points.

At last ‘Hindusthan Ki Naak (pride)’ as told by Himesh Reshmiya to Shanker Mahadevan won the second round of contest.

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