Posted date: 04 Thu, Apr 2019 03:00:48 PM

It is the claim made by one of the troll specialists that the Mandya Lok Sabha stiff election battle for 2019 April 18 – the result is given by the ‘Panchatantra’ climax.

However the climax is that just before the reach of the mark in the car race the oldies team driver (Balarajavadi) dies. Just behind is the young buddy’s car lead by hero Vihan. The young buddy’s car pushes the hapless situation car to the winning mark.

The result what you can make out is that Sumalatha Ambarish wins while Nikil Kumaraswamy gives up. Troll specialist has also says for the result of LS Mandya Election you have to watch ‘Panchatantra’ and know it.

What Yogaraj Bhat says is that the ‘Vedanta and Siddantha’ of his film is precisely fit for the ensuing elections. The car race we have shot for 26 days, 18 hours of shoot has been brought to 28 minutes on screen was very challenging.

On the success part of it there is call from North India for remake of the film, other south Indian languages are seeking permission for dubbing. In Telugu language the plan is to remake with title ‘Jugalbandi’ with caption Andhra verses Telengana. The youngster’s cinema win it is like winning world. For making it a success at the initial stage – Yogaraj Bhat made a salute.

Masthi Manju dialogue writer gave the example of a mud pot. It attracts water in the beginning and then gives cool water to drink; we expected 35 percent but got 60 percent he says.

Vihan Gowda as Karthik in the film says it is difficult to invest on youngsters today. The confidence kept on him made him to work very hard. Now the people have liked the climax. He hopes youngsters get chance like what he got in cinema field.

Actress Sonal Monteri, Kari Subbu, Dilip, cameraman Sugnan Murthy, car designer Manish, producers Hariprasad and Hemanth Paraadkar were present at the success meet.

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