Posted date: 24/December/2008

The Community of Iyengar is known for Sakre Pongal and Puliyogre – that is mouth watering. But this ‘Iyengar IPS’ is known for setting up good trend in the society attacking the ‘untouchables’ system and other social evils.

While the producer, director are from Tamil Nadu where maximum of Iyengars are situated the cast of this film is from Karnataka. Former councilor H.Ravindra finding success in politics is now trying his luck in films. According to him to get progress in both the fields the support of media is very vital. Donning IPS Iyengar title role Ravindra has also invited his politician colleague Puttaraju to play the IG role in the film.

The event on Monday evening was the audio release for ‘Iyengar IPS’. Dr.Jayamala and Sa.Ra.Govindu jointly released the audio release and wished the success for outside producer Saroja Jairam. Sa.Ra.Govindu explained the magnanimity and value for friendship attached by H.Ravindra.

The politician turned hero Ravindra went back to the shooting days in his address. This film is attempted at social awareness and reformation he said.

Sangeetha Raja’s son Pradip Raja scored the six songs for this ‘Iyengar IPS’ the audio of the film was brought to the market by Manoranjan Audio.

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