Posted date: 18 Sat, Jan 2020 09:33:57 AM

Duration – 120 minutes, Category – emotional drama, Scoring -3/5

Title – Jan Dhan, Producer – T Nagachandra, Direction – T Nagachandra, Music – Top Star Renu, Cast – Sunil Shashi, Rachana Dasharath, Arun, Top star Renu, Jayalakshmi, Sunil, Vinayak, Suman, Tejeshwar and others.

The film opening with a devotional song on significance of Goravanahalli Lakshmi – goddess of money in the later reels also spread to the money issue.

Had director Nagachandra and team released this film at the time of demonetization, it would have earned good marks because the film showcases how the money exchanged to evade the black money. This portion in fact – the raid conducted and unaccounted money and property discovered is startling. Do you imagine keeping gold worth Rs.20 crores in ‘Huththa’?

Director Nagachandra concentrates on the life of a director in the film. After two flops the director in the film finds it difficult to sustain his life. His wife is yelling at home facing poverty, he has no jobs and the only option out for this director is to use his brilliance for exchange of money and gold. On the streets with no rupee in the pocket the director is given Rs.50 by a beggar is something blood curdling.

The mind finally corrupts and director to get his life going catches wrong path. He is part of two major deals. In one of the exchanges he makes from black money with a bank manager – he err. That is also an end of his life.

There are aspirant actors – Sunil Shashi and Rachana. The producer angle of making a film is also focused here and there. The IT officials barging in to all nefarious activity is another focus of the director. And IT official of 29 years telling three criminals of 24 to 26 years is an eye opener.

The situation of demonetization is handled well; the fate of a director in the film is also a matter to notice from this film.

Sunil Shashi and Rachana are quite OK. The actor in director role has given right emotions.

The background score and the cinematography are adequate. Director Nagachandra is fit enough to catch the attention provided his films arrive at right time.

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