Posted date: 11/March/2010

The simple, humble, well informed in the profession P.R.Sounder Raj has hit a century from signing S.Narayan’s latest film ‘Veera Parampare’.

Editing calls for efficiency calm and cool approach says another centurion from the technical side Sounder Raj. Starting from ‘Captain’ in 1993 Sounder Raj has traveled a long way in the seventeen years to reach the 100 marks. A favorite of reputed director S Narayan, S Mahender with whom he has worked for nearly 65 plus Kannada films as editor he is now finishing his task at Bhagyavathi Editing Studio of multifaceted S Narayan in Basaveshwaranagar.

From Movie Ala system to Sten Back editing to Avid editing Sounder Raj has learnt the editing work slowly and steadily. A graduate in Arts Sounder Raj grandfather ML Pathi worked for Shivaji Ganeshan films and Alibaba Adbuta Deepangal as technician. His maternal uncle R Bhasker gave the proper training for him in forty plus films. Souder Raj stayed for nine years in Chennai and from ‘Swabhimani’ of Ishwari Pictures he worked as associate editor.

The best of the editing work of Sounder Raj is seen in S Narayan directorial ventures like Veerappanayaka, Suryavamsha, Chandra Chakori, Sevanthi Sevanthi, Cheluvina Chittara, Jamindaaru, Galate Aliyandru, Nannavalu Nannavalu. In the camp of S Mahender he worked as editor for Kaurava, Snehaloka, Asura, Ninagaagi, Karpooradha Gombe, in Dinesh Baboo direction he worked for Chitra, Neenello Naanalle, Bellari Naga etc. To the list films of Sounder Raj include Porkhi, Jolly Days, Chellata, friends, Arunodaya, Dalavayi, Ashoka, Chandramukhi Pranasakhi etc

Editing means it is not just cut and paste. It is one of the pillars of cinema like pillar is constructed for a house. I do not show interest in giving high jerk in my work. It disturbs the peace of the audience he says. I have not edited more than 60000 feet for a film so far in my career. Avid is the best system today as it saves time, money and helps in more creativity. Working in various studios he has shifted his base to S Narayan studio. From ‘Chanda’ all the films of S Narayan are edited in this studio.

Work is worship for me. I have edited till early morning. In the camp of Narayan means discipline and dedication one can imbibe. S Narayan is the darling of this profession says Sounder Raj!

For ‘Sri satya Harishchandra’ color film transformed from black and white by KCN Movies Sounder Raj has done the re-editing.

The Asianet Cauvery award for Yajamana, Arya Bhatta award for Megha Banthu Megha, Veeraswamy memorial award for Chitra, Hello Gandhinagar award for Simhadriya Sinha, Aragini readers choice award for Simhadriya Simha and Chandra Chakori are some of the awards won by Sounder Raj.

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