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Title – Kattu Kathe, Producer – Sweets Mahadevu, Direction – Raj Praveen, Music – Vikram Subramanya, Cinematography – Manu BK, Cast – Soorya, Swathi Konde, Rajesh Nataranga, Mithra, Kempe Gowda , Brunali Shetty, Rihanshi  Gowda, Soorya Kundapura, Mohan Juneja P, Natana Prashanth, Rajanikanth and others.

Raj Praveen has served an assorted sweet box for the audience. The producer Mahadevu of Mysuru is also from the Sweets manufacturing field is additional bonus. The first half is Badushah and second half is pure ghee Mysuru Pak. At places director serves the mouth watering fried cashew. That is the selection of actors. On the music front the beginner Vikram Subramanya has lived up to the expectations. The photography of Manu BK especially in the dark lighting is a treat to watch.

What you need for a commercial entertainer the director and his team has served it well over all. It is a Paisa Vasool film. Like how the sweets are liked you can pick this film ‘Kattu Kathe’ for watching.

All audience calculations go wrong when the hunt begins for the real culprits of three murders in this film. Abbabba…Enen Kathe Kathare in the second half you would say when you come out from the theatre.

Another talented director is born in Kannada filmdom. That is Raj Praveen of ‘Kattu Kathe’. He has shown signs of bright future for him from this taut thriller. He is impeccable in the second half and in the first half he needed some guts for the screenplay to make it more captivating.

Without leaving the clue of the culprits if you look at the script of this film in a nut shell - there are three girls, two boys, one care taker, security guard, and maid servant in a bungalow. Actually the needle of suspicion falls on all the inmates of the house when the first wicket falls. When one more wicket falls in this vicinity, the six months old murder is also revealed. The killers have been very efficient and not given clue so easily. Remaining of the investigation of police you better watch it on silver screen.

Rajesh Nataranga takes the cream of acting. He is tough and terrific in his role as cop. Soorya and Swathi Konde have nothing much to boast. Mithra, Kempe Gowda and other supporting actors have given good support.

Unknown faces selection by the director is what gets him the additional marks and keeps the audience in the edge of their seats.

This is a film worth watching. You take a bet that you would identify the culprit, you will miss it. Don’t miss to watch this film.

3.5 / 5 ***

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