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Title – Kavacha, Producer – MVV Sathyanarayana, Director GVR Vasu, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Rahul Srivatsav, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Krithika Jayaram, Kumari Meenakshi, Isha Goppikar, Vasishta Simha, Kavi Kaale, Rajesh Nataranga, Jayaprakash, Tabala Nani, Krishna Hebbal, Ramesh Bhat, Balaraj and others.

Dr Shivarajakumar has not made any wrong choice in accepting a remake of Malayalam film ‘Oppam’ in Kannada. The subject has obviously inspired Shivarajakumar and the novelty which he was looking for is there precisely. A blind Shivarajakumar on screen is first surprise element. He has maintained consistency throughout. In emotional scenes he steals the show. The dialogues written for him by MS Ramesh are also timely and apt.

It is on misconception the incident roll out to tragic end in this ‘Kavacha’. The blind Jayaram is Ramappa to the eyes of cute girl Nandini who is given care and good environment by former judge Krishnamurthy. There is a reason for this thing. Krishnamurthy has passed a judgment on Vasudeva for his crime. With this all in the family of Vasudeva see the end of life except a child. This is the child Nandini gets good guardian in Krishnamurthy.

In the eyes of Nandini (Baby Meenakshi) Jayarama is Ramappa. The level of responsibilities is high on his shoulders because Jayarama (Shivarajakumar) promises retired judge to take care of the child. Apparently the child belongs to Vasudeva (Vasishta Sinha) a criminal who was sentenced by Judge Krishnamurthy. In the tragedy of the family is this Nandini.

Now the scene is different. Judge is killed by Vasudeva, the child is given education and boarding place that is known to only Jayarama but not Vasudeva. Before judge is killed he had drawn 1 crore of rupees from the bank and this money is also in the custody of Jayarama. The police is on the lookout judge Krishnamurthy murder. How Jayarama come out from all the clutches is the end part of the film

It is a sterling performance from Shivarjaakumar. This is one of the best of his career. Kruthika Jayam steals the show for her beauty, Baby Meenaakshi is brilliant, Vasishta N Simha is superb, Tabala Nani,  Ramesh Bhat, Krishna Hebbal, Ravi Kaale and Balaraj (after a long time on silver sccren)  have given good performance.

The Appa Bekappa… and Hosa Belaku song are well scored by Arjun Janya. Rahul Srivatsa camera work has captured beautiful moments of the film very wrongly.

This one you cannot miss, go with your family members to watch ‘Kavacha’.

Rating:4 / 5 ****

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