Posted date: 06 Wed, Mar 2019 06:05:49 PM

The first production of Smt Ashwini Puneeth Rajakumar ‘Kavalu Daari’ in Hemanth Rao of GBSM Kannada film ‘Niguda Niguda….sung by Sanchit Hegde was released at Gold Finch Hotel on Tuesday evening and the latest sound technology recorded at Masadonia was also introduced to the media and guests by music director Charan Raj.

Director Hemanth Rao back after three years of his ‘GBSM’ with Ananthnag and Charan Raj in music says the first of the five songs of this ‘Kavaludaari’ will be released today and remaining four songs on every Monday – this is like March of ‘Kavaludaari’ songs as the month is also March he says. The song of today Niguda Niguda is sung by Sanchit Hegde he added. On the work done so far Hemanth Rao is very happy on the progress of the film.

Versatile actor Ananthnag was in flashback mood. He went to 35 years ago of a meeting with Parvathamma Rajakumar in which he was invited to play ‘Narada’ role for Bhaktha Prahallada. At this meeting he met Appu who is now grown up as a huge star. I am in his production house, it is ‘Hemme, Gowrava and Garva’ for me says Ananthnag. I play inspector while Rishi is a traffic cop. It is well written by director Hemanth Rao observes Ananthnag.

Power star Puneeth Rajakumar declared that he is just ‘Presenter’ while his wife Ashwini is producer of the film. It is one year and three months journey. Puneeth Rajakumar also went on a flashback of what he told his mother when he was young. I like Shanker Nag more than Ananthnag, he stated to his mother. After growing up in life I have become fans of both he mentioned.

Raghavendra Rajakumar could not resist going to flashback too. Appu was aware of film business from mother womb. It is his year birth 1975 Vajreshwari was also evolved. He is follower of mother footsteps and now Ashwini from our family is producer today. Raghanna also asked for a chance to act in this banner production. I don’t want payment for PRK banner film. Just affection is enough.

Charan Raj the most happening music composer says the selection was easy because director Hemanath Rao has good taste of music. He got me many ideas to do music. What Khushi can I ask with PRK banner producing this film he stated?

Rishi of operation Alamella, is a traffic inspector in the film got caught in traffic of Bengaluru to come to Gold Finch Hotel. The satisfaction in him was evident from his expression.

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