Posted date: 14 Wed, Oct 2020 09:50:55 AM

The Karnataka Film Producers Association has put forth another demand. This time it is for UFO and Qube operators to take note. KFPA has demanded that with the existing situation of the film industry returning back to activities they should not charge a fee for the coming two years.

The reason quoted is that producers are empty handed. As a result they should not demand the fee for two years. They should cooperate in this aspect.

KFPA President Praveen Kumar with producers K Manju, NM Suresh, A Ganesh and others addressed the media on Monday evening.

As of now 280 films are ready for release. 15 are star films in that. KFCC has made a plea in this direction. The UFO and Qube stated that the decision is left to people in Mumbai.

In this aspect four mails have been sent to Mumbai heads. In case we don’t get a suitable reply we may have to approach the government.

UFO and Quote earn money from advertisers. They do not pay a penny from this to the producers. At least now they should come forward freely to the film industry is the collective opinion.

On the other hand exhibitors have come forward for the percentage system. So there will be no problem. It is only the Government that supports us. There could be good results. Before release producers should contact opines producer K Manju in his address.

Another senior producer stated that there are 600 theatres. It may not be possible to release in all places. The UFO and Qube bill comes to 40 to 50000 per week. This is difficult to bear and they should cooperate in this direction he mentioned.

Further discussion is possible in two days time for the good of producers hoped producer NM Suresh.

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