Posted date: 28/July/2009

The talented actor Kishore facing charges that he has done plagiarism and ‘Mathrudroha’ from director Narendra Babu as for as the ‘Kabbaddi’ Kannada film contents issue is concerned has clarified that he is at no fault and pooh-poohed the statement of the director. Kishore very politely sent across a letter and invited the media to watch the Tamil film ‘Vennila Kabbaddi Kuzhu’ at Badami house on Saturday evening.

After watching the Tamil film and keeping in mind ‘Kabbaddi’ Kannada film the entire media came to a conclusion that director Narendra Babu has made false charges on actor Kishore. The two films made on ‘Kabbaddi’ game as the base are totally different. The observation of Narendra Babu that as a coach Kishore would die in Tamil film in the court of ‘Kabbaddi’ is also wrong. Kishore role does not die in Tamil version and the whole characterization is different in two films.

A gentleman Kishore after the show of Tamil film ‘Vennilla Kabbaddi Kuzhu’ said he wanted to put an end to the controversy, irrespective of Kannada film win or lose in the box office he wanted to take this step. Repeatedly I told Narendra Babu to stop making charges and look at the fate of the film first. He did not heed. He only said I have left out the story of Kannada to Tamil film where I play coach. I play coach in both the language films is similar but circumstances of becoming coach is different.

Kishore continuously said the screenplay has to be changed to better at a time when Rs.50 lakh was invested. He was not ready. It was not his dream of making ‘Kabbaddi’ but of the entire team.

Now six of the ‘Kabbaddi’ producers are the losers – I have lost Rs.38 lakhs and I need to work hard to earn this money. In the case of others it is more than my share of loss Kishore felt unhappy on the whole controversy.

Is he seeking any apology from Narendra Babu? No I am not interested in such counters he declared.

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