Posted date: 13 Sat, Apr 2019 07:39:15 PM

After four long years the comedy hero turned very serious from ‘Kempe Gowda 2’ Komal Kumar is back in news. A few months back a chase sequence in Mahabalipuram with Yogish as co actor there was tension as both got injured.

Now everything is fine with Kempe Gowda 2 of producer Shankare Gowda and Shanker Reddy. Shankare Gowda is also director of this ‘KG 2’.

With hectic preparations for the film the trailer of the film is releasing on Sri Ramanavami day – the mass look and Khakhi outfit for Komal Kumar is something very important in his career as he travelled long on this project.

Indian Cricket player Srishanth is also in this film with Navaneeth Kaur as female lead. With the release of trailer of the film the business and promotion for the film has also picked up.

Already Kempe Gowda 2 poster and first look are impressive. This film is going to be a major breakthrough in the career of Komal Kumar.

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