Posted date: 22/December/2009

The Keshava and Kothari clash on Monday morning reached peak. For the unnecessary and unwanted utterances of BR Keshava the most wanted middle man of Kannada film producers Mahesh Kothari said the person like BR Keshava is a big drain to Kannada cinema industry. He is unfit. He is frustrated and immersed in losses. I do not have to pay single paisa to him. I feel now after 13 years of association with him that I have made a mistake by entertaining Keshava. ‘He is a Ketta Hula’. Seven of his films pending with me have not been taken by the television channels. I have made complete payment for it. I have records and made a clean payment. I have told him to take back his films for half of the amount I have given to him.

Kothari makes a pertinent point if I am a fraud the leading producers in Kannada cinema Rockline Venkatesh, Ramu, Ramesh Yadav, K Manju, Chinne Gowda, Banakar, Ganesh and others would not have made business transactions with him. Keshava is a big liar. He owes me Rs.3.80 lakhs and I have the witness of Umesh Banakar and SG Nandihal for this. I have made this payment in front of the two persons of the industry. So far I have given him business of Rs.3 crores so far in the last 13 years. Keshava should not exist in the Kannada cinema industry as director and producer.

Further hitting harsh on Keshava the middleman of Kannada films for television rights Kothari said all his films are poor in quality and I told him to get his films released first. He never took my advice. I go to court with enough proof said Mahesh Kothari.

Earlier in the day BR Keshava convened a press meet in Green House Raj Milan and said he should get Rs.34 lakhs from Mahesh Kothari as television rights of his five films – Singapuradalli Shambulinga, Chytra, Naraka, Mooru Manasu and Malanada Prema. From last one and half years Kothari is making me to wait. He is a fraud and does forgery. He has control over Suvarana channel. The industry should teach a lesson to the monopoly of Kothari. He is controlling all the businesses done to television channels alleged Keshava. His business propositions are suspicious. He calls the shot for selecting the artists. I have filed a complaint against Kothari to KFCC, Producers and Directors Associations said BR Keshava.

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