Posted date: 29 Fri, Jun 2018 06:23:55 PM

In one of the three ‘Jana Jathre’ the media attended the historical personality with revolutionary mindset plus miracle man ‘Krantiyogi Mahadevaru’ Kannada film – 101st film of director Saiprakash – audio CD and trailer of the film were released at Chamundesware studio.

As the day happened to be the first cinema event of KFCC President SA Chinne Gowda and his team Ba Ma Harish, Sunder Raj, KM Veeresh and KCA Chairman Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar the expected honor on this occasion consumed more time.

After releasing the trailer former Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy vacated the place wishing good luck. Ramalinga Reddy daughter MLA Sowmya Reddy was present for the audio release event. Inchargi Math Devanand Chauhan, Nanjunde Gowda, Hipparagi Nagaraj Prabhu, Ramakumar, Dingri Nagaraj and ex councilor Muniraj were present on the dais for audio release. Later it was a commotion on stage with all the team members coming up on stage.

Director Saiprakash in his short address stated that it is because of Baba Ashirwada and media support my cinema journey was possible.

The looks of Ramkumar in the title role reminded Nagaathihalli Chandrasekhar former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The angles and serious looks were so near he said. I have track of Uttar Karnataka achievers. I remember Patil Puttappa saying ‘Bennu Thaddida Gandhi’. Making a film on Krantiyogi Mahadevaru needs guts as the mental, physical and economical strength is necessary. For the present generation we have to tell about the past.  Human memory dies quickly. We are living on ‘Balidaana’ of so many; in future we should have more films of Uttar Karnataka region he said. Looking at Saiprakash the KCA head Nagathihalli stated that he is ‘Kannadada Dasarinarayana Rao’.

After high school Meshtru Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar, Primary School Meshtru SA Chinne Gowda KFCC President remembered father of Ramkumar in his looks on the screen. Chinne Gowda agreed with the observations of Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar.

The mike was not handed over to the artists and technicians and huge crowd created confusion in the auditorium.

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