Posted date: 12/August/2008

Here is one television actor the gigantic build powerful voice Lamboo Nagesh who comes on your television sets in eight television serials in a day from 1 pm to 9.30 pm spread out half an hour soap serials. Another actor in the race for me is Anantha Velu says Lamboo Nagesh who has completed 50 mega television serials that crosses 5000 half an hour television programs.

Lamboo Nagesh television serial starts at 1.30 pm that is ‘Radha’ in ETV. At 2.30 pm he has Rangoli and Kalyana Rekhe in Udaya and Zee Kannada at 4.30 pm he is in Mungarina Kathe. At 7 pm in ETV he has ‘Maneyondhu Mooru Baagilu’. At 7.30 pm in Kasthuri ‘Mumbelagu’ is appearing from 18th of this month and at the same time in ETV Lamboo Nagesh has ‘Agni Sheke’ in ETV. At 8.30 pm in Udaya he has ‘Rangoli’ and at 9.30 pm he has Mangalya in Udaya TV. He has just completed ‘Ella Marethiruvaga’ for ETV that was on air at 6 pm. He is an anchor and voice over artist of ‘Dhegula Darshana’ a serial on temples of Karnataka on every Sunday in Chandana.

Talent, height weight and good disciplined Lamboo Nagesh basically a theatre personality. He has acted in over 50 Kannada films and the ill treatment he faces in films has made him to make a strong foothold in small screen. He is busy for 25 days working for television serial and he is in the range of Rs.3000 to Rs.4000 per day remuneration in small screen. Mangalya and Badhuku have crossed 100 episodes each in my career says Lamboo Nagesh who is very happy with his progress. He has appeared in Tamil television serial ‘Mullam Malaram’ 80 episodes. A Kannada speaking can adjust to any language but it is not in the case of other language artists says Nagesh from his experience.

Even after 15 years stint in Films and Television there are people in the cinema industry who call us a day before because the artists from other languages would not have turned up for shoot is the disgusting factor in my life says Nagesh.

Picking some of the non Kannada artist Kannada films that have bombed recently Lamboo Nagesh has made a small study. According to it what the producer says he has lost Rs.50 lakhs has gone to the payment and hospitality of non Kannada artists. So minus the non Kannada artists the loss is avoided days Lamboo Nagesh. This is not an exaggeration but a fact he says.

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