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Duration – 153 minutes, Category – Love story, rating – 4/5

Title – Love Mocktail, Producers – Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj, Director – Darling Krishna, Music – Raghu Dixit, Cinematography – Sri Crazy Minds, Cast – Darling Krishna, Milana Nagaraj, Amrutha Iyengar, Rachana, Abhilash and others.

In his debut direction popular actor Darling Krishna has made everyone to remember ‘Autograph’ of their life. It is quite different from Kichcha Sudeep ‘My Autograph’ but the three girls in different stages of life of protagonist inevitably makes us to flashback of movies in Kannada.

Darling Krishna has made very interesting first half but second half is interesting. The minus of superlative is because of the dragging scenes in the second half. Yet this is a full family watch. The censor card shows 47 cuts on silver screen. This film needs 15 minutes pruning in the second half as the love or bondage is enough told in a few scenes – this one relates to Adi and Nidhi portion.

The school love, college days love and the love at the work place that eventually leads to life is the crux of this film explained in a long driver of four hours. It is Adi driving and Adithi (Rachana) hearing and reacting to it.

In the school days Adi falls in love but he could not figure out as he grows up. He meets Jo (Amrutha Iyenger) a possessive girl with head weight. It is because of the status war between the two the love breaks up. Adi (Darling Krishna) now at office meets Nidhi (Milana Nagaraj) for a very cozy life. There is a startling development in the life of Adi and Nidhi that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Besides Darling Krishna as hero there are two more heroes in this film ‘Love Mocktail’ – one is Sri of Crazy Minds giving mind blowing shots in his cinematography and other one is Radhu Dixit handling music lifts the film to higher level.

Darling Krishna timing, presence of mind, acting ability is on a higher note in this film compared to his earlier films. Giving a decent family watch film he has proved that he is another six feet tall director too.

Amrutha Iyengar is like ‘Benne Dose’, Milana Nagaraj is like ‘Benne Barfi’ and Rachana for her talkative nature is ‘Benne Gulkan’! All the three have given an admirable performance.

Abhilash and his pair are also an additional booster dose to this film. The fine tuning of this film in the second half would put the film in top gear.

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