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A film with nearly one half years in the making and publicity of it ‘Lungi’ from producer Mukesh Hegde held a pre release meet on Saturday evening at Renukamba Digital theatre. Producer Mukesh Hegde taken up publicity work in other places but the team members = duo director Arjun Lews and Akshit Shetty, protagonist Pranav Hegde, heroine Ahalya Suresh, music director Prashanth Shetty, cameraman Rijo P John and co actor VJ Vineeth addressed the media. Another good looking heroine of the film Radhika Rao was not present.


Duo director Arjun and Akshit are happy with trailer and songs response. The happiness mounted up because there is already demand from Vijay of Telugu film industry for remake rights. Rakshit Shetty and Rishab Shetty helped in release of songs and trailer. The song ‘Waste Body…was screened prior to the media briefing. At Mysuru and Mangaluru Dasara festivities the publicity work in full swing mentioned duo directors. We have great belief on the product and Jayanna Combines is releasing the film. ‘Namma Hanebara’ needs media support they added. The Mangaluru accent of Kannada is used in the film added Akshit Shetty one of the two directors.


Pranav Hegde happy on the one side for remake rights asked for this film, he is very convinced with the work in progress for the film. We are getting all multiplex for the film, single screens will be known by Wednesday he said. After engineering studies normal system of going to abroad and settling is not the motto of the protagonist. He has a passion for ‘Naadu and Nudi’. He is supported by heroine Ahalya Suresh and stands as inspiration for main business that is shown as last frame of the film. How the hero recoups the society pressure is also focused in the film. Our music director Prashanth Shetty was very quiet while recording song with Arman Mallik. At one point Arman got a doubt whether I am the composer or Prashanth explained Pranav Hegde.


Sweet looking actress Ahalya Suresh mentioned that she is ready to receive compliments and complaints from the people and media for this film. She thanked director Arjun Lews for correcting her at various stages. Pranav is a very natural actor she added.


Vineeth who was brother to Raj B Shetty in OMK is a kind of playboy in this film. Prashanth Shetty music director and cameraman Rijo P John expressed strong hope of success of this film ‘LUNGI’.

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