Posted date: 1/February/2010

The prolific singer M.D.Pallavi by singing 22 songs of prominent poets in the ‘Swara Smarane’ evening for four hours and doing the anchoring of the evening too achieved a splendid feat in her career with the evolution of Samudra Trust.

It was the evening of Ede Thumbi Hadidenu….writer Rashtra Kavi Dr.G.S.Shivarudrappa and ‘Edhi thumbi Hadidenu…popular musical program key personality Dr S.P.Balasubramaniam on stage with veteran theatre personality A.S.Murthy, veteran director K.S.L.Swamee Mr Sanjay son in law of Dr C.Ashwath and Samudra Trust members on stage. The evening was dedicated to Dr Ashwath and Raju Ananthaswamy.

Dr G.S.Shivarudrappa after releasing the ‘Daiva Veene’ the last compositions of 10 songs by Dr C.Ashwath brought to the notice that the song of Huyilgolu Narayana Rao is Udayavagali Chaluva Kannada Nadu…..and not Udayavayithu Chaluva Kannada Nadu….long back ago Da.Ra.Bendre clarified on this stand and I am saying it again to sing as Udayavagali…..said Dr GSS. Kannada nadu should again and again rise with new bloom was what the poet meant he pointed. The evening was ‘Ananya Sanje’ he lauded the attempt of M.D.Pallavi and her husband Arunkumar the famous percussionist. The first CD of ‘Daiva Veene’ was received by AS Murthy.

Dr S.P.Balasubramaniam said the day is one of the finest days in his life. Releasing the Sri Shankaracharya Keerthanas ‘Kailasa’ Dr SPB noted that the stage is a wonderful combination of live instruments. It is difficult to get Keith Peters who is always with AR Rehmanji. He is here means the importance of this musical evening is high said Dr SPB. The effervescent singer Dr SPB disclosed that the value of poets kept through the light music and respect shown he has found it only in Karnataka earned thunderous applause. The evening is perfected with music. The commitment of everyone is so good lauded SPB. For CD Kannada translation made by Dr HSV ‘Swara Sandrike’ he said ‘Swara Sahitya Sandrike’ is more appropriate.

Pallavi is no less compared to great singers like Parveen Sulthana appreciated veteran KS L Swamy who was on stage with ‘Yoga’ and not ‘Yogyathe’. ‘Sangeethadinda Samskrithi Beliyodhu Kaleyodhu Alla’ pointed Swamee.

The evening belonged to MD Pallavi and musicians. The evening was rich with lovely songs very well rendered by Pallavi. For the songs Naku Thanthi….and Soru Thihadhu….Madikerili Manju….the crowd went up with lot of joy. In fact these three songs MD Pallavi enjoyed most singing it. A German Raino Push playing saxophone standing at one corner gathered attention. Dr Bhanumathi Kannada Sangha of United Kingdom also came up on stage to receive the two CD’s released on the evening.

Those who missed the evening have lost one of the memorable evenings in life!

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