Posted date: 08 Thu, Nov 2018 08:21:10 AM

Maheera a film on the mother and daughter in an action packed thriller by Mahesh released the new trailer and on the same day the song was declared open in PRK You Tube.

For the release of new trailer at SRV, the painting of Shreya Acharya was absorbing moment. In a reverse painting young and beautiful Shreya Acharya painted the portrait of Da Ra Bendre and she got huge applause for her talent.

Virginia Rodrigues in her first film in Kannada said the journey of this film making was good, there was good confidence and team stood for good project. This is for a milestone in my life. I would keep it in my life forever she pointed.

Chytra recalling again the weird selection happened for this film via audition says the experience was very good with the team.

This is a honest film says Raj B Shetty who is in investigative cop. He is Pratap intelligence officer with sarcasm in his role.

Midun Mukundan who scored background score says it is a technically brilliant experience for him. Chetan D Souza explained the stunts handled by Virginia are without any dupes.

This is ‘Amma Magala’ film that shows power of women and intelligence. The film is at Post Production team. It is a three days happening story informs first time director Mahesh Gowda.

Kirthan Poojari cinematography, Nilima Rao and Rakesh as music directors, Vivek Kodappa is producer, Ashish K is editor, Balaji Manohar, Gopalakrishna Deshpande are also in supporting roles.

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