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Duration – 153 minutes, Category – love, family and satire, Rating – 4/5

Title ‘Maththe Udbhava’, Producers – Nithyanand Bhat, Sathya, Mahesh Mudgal, Rajesh, Direction – Kodlu Ramakrishna, Cinematography – Mohan, Music – V Manohar, Cast – Pramod, Milana Nagaraj, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash, Sudha Belawadi, PD Satish, Mohan, Shubha Raksha and others.

Eminent director Kodlu Ramachandra has changed considerably from his usual homely, cozy and decent films to action masala in this ‘Maththe Udbhava’. The contents of this film audience in social life relate to the developments in the last two years. The fun filled with good pun at right time with actors doing excellent work is the hallmark of this film ‘Maththe Udbhava’.

How this ‘Maththe Udbhava’ would shape up was the task everyone was looking forward. For the 30 years old ‘Udbhava’ Kodlu Ramakrishna Maththe Udbhava gives a very satisfactory reply in the climax although the ‘Ganesha Temple’ is evacuated and a ‘Temple Mall’ is set up.

Here is a trickster Ganesha (Pramod), son of Raghavendra Rayary (Rangayana Raghu) – both manage ‘Udbhava Ganesha’ temple. For the sake of making money this father and son duo are ready to go to any extent. They have knack of winning over anyone – whether it is politician, pontiff, police or common people.

Primarily it is ‘Kiraataka’ qualities of Ganesha that handles all situations with ease. Betraying is his qualification. Whether it is Rs.100 worth Udbhava Ganesha dollar of Rs.60 crores of rupees Ganesha has the smart quality of giving a run.

Ganesha and Raghavendra Rayaru in one of the dealing of Reddy a politician deposit Rs.60 crores in the premises of pontiff and what happens to it is interesting tale connect to present society. In another major muddle how Ganesha earns huge money from the builders by evacuating ‘Udbhava Ganesha’ for a Mall takes the major share of space in the second half.

Pramod is a screen stunner. He has all the abilities to reach the front runner position in the coming days. His height, look, dancing ability, acting strength, dialogue delivery is good earner of position for him in arch light.

Rangayana Raghu steals show, Avinash is once again attractive, Milana Nagaraj looks admirable and performed well as politician,  S Mohan reminds a Swamiji like the other one in the film, Shubha Raksha emoted well, Sudha Belawadi is super in her admiration for heroine Spandana portions.

V Manohar has done his best in both songs and background score. Mohan as cameraman (Karva fame) has given very pleasant shots and gains good scoring for his technical task.

This is a film you cannot miss in your wish list films!

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