Posted date: 12 Tue, Mar 2019 04:06:01 PM

Is this Jyothi Rao Mohith second film going to become another ‘Simple Ag Ond Love Story’ and ‘First Rank Raju’ category in capturing the market and the audience?

It appears so from the four minutes trailer that is already doing good round of applause for the film ‘Meese Mathu Jade’. The film trailer from all social media network gobbled 70 lakh views is not an ordinary achievement for Jyothi Rao Mohit. The lack of knowledge on how it would carry out in social media, he suffered in the initial stages as the clips of the trailer were utilized by net savvy people.

Now everything is clear with his 6th version of ‘Meese Mathu Jade’ not deviating to others pockets. With rocking results in the social media Jyothi Rao Mohit of ‘Soda Buddi’ Kannada film is going ahead with feature film after good rehearsals for the artists. He is stressing on new talents for this film. Mohit thanked fans of Darshan as three out of nine are Darshan fans for his trailer. He has made 56 scenes and 2 hours and 2 minutes duration film that has to be converted in to feature film in the coming days.

With 70 lakhs hits, 9000 dub smash, 240 fake claimers, Mohit is peddling for production of the film in Kannada and already there is asking for other languages for this film.

Meese Mathu Jade is a comedy film, the mistakes that happens from technology in this generation is the concentration of Mohith. Throughout the film the protagonist Pratik Shetty will be in ‘Panche’. The film has four boys and girls. Tanushri Gowda a co actor did not inform her parents for her innocent role in the trailer. The 109 conditions she puts for break up is so funny and enjoyable. But it was not received well in the family.

Aditya Ganesh is producer of this film and happy with the trailer going viral. He hails from event management profession.

Pratik Shetty was waiting for a good role in his life to become an actor. This has come as boon for him. Anand Vybhav, Sandeep Malani and others are in the cast.

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