Posted date: 04 Thu, Oct 2018 08:17:56 AM

A children film with good motivation to the growing children ‘Minchu Hulu’ is in the third direction of Kumar Mahesh had a grand start for grandson of SP Varadaraju – Prithvi Vijayakumar at Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple in RT Nagar on Monday morning.


Dr Shiv, Raghanna, Puneeth, Lakshmi, Poornima, daughters of Varadappa – Asha, Usha, Brunda, Latha, Nagaththe sister of Dr Rajakumar and others were present. Dr Asha Vijayakumar second daughter of Varadappa is Prithvi Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar and Rajagopal Doddahulluru are joint producers of this film.


Kumar Mahesh director of Dragon and Ooty Kannada films says the character of child actor Preetham is like that of a ‘Minchu Hulu’ – shining for him and others. Kumar Mahesh was looking for passionate producer to make this film. finally succeeded in two producers Vijayakumar and Rajagopal.


The child stuck in poverty is not having electricity in the house. He wants to educate but he finds the quality of ‘Minchu Hulu’ and makes his own discovery in getting electricity to his house. The same he applies to other houses and becomes a role model. He is supported in this cause by Prithvi Vijayakumar.


The winner of Dance Karnataka Dance Preetham is playing lead role. Baby Poorvika is another child actor. Parashiva Murthy as auto driver and Preetham father, Rashmi as teacher, Ravi Reddy, Madhava Murthy, Pushapuraj (dialogues), Raghavendra Shastry as director of photography, Raj Bhasker as music director for two songs are team members of Kumar Mahesh.


Prithvi is paper boy in the film, Preetham as Kiran promised to give Sakkath performance, Rashmi as teacher says this film is sure to inspire many as there is a good message in the film.

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