Posted date: 09 Sun, Sep 2018 04:12:47 PM

What a good title indeed! ‘Mundina Badalavane’ – right for the cinema industry as every week film changes and strong ones has exception.

The six of the film meet at the theatre to watch the film and they go to flashback of their life. On Saturday evening noted music director Manikanth Khadri released audio CD of the film but before that the unique characters of the film Jugga, Ghante, Sondili, Kisvaidaasa disclosed the role they have performed. Before audio release the teaser of the film was released by actor Anirudh. He wished Hosa Badavalane for the film in the box office.

Sangeetha alias Vismaya says there is love but it is not main part of the film. Lakshman Gowda is villain flirt in the role, Malashri is Shanthi in the film, Kavya Gowda has major role in the film.

Director of photography Koteshwar explained the shoot taking place without any hassles despite of work in day and night.

Intelligent at work Karthik Venkatesh has worked for six songs in the film. The captain of the film is good in assessing things and he is sure to have new change from this film.

Pravin Bhushan actor, writer and director of the film went on a flashback in his address. The day he came catching the red bus to city, making debut as lyric writer after three months struggle, support extended by Manikanth Khadri all came in his speech. With the script of this film he ran from pillar to post to direct. But his parents and bank employee brother helped in getting loan for production of this film.

The concept is ‘Sarve Jana Sukhino Bavanthu’. The release plan is in October says Pravin Bhushan. Manikanth Khadri wishing his friend good luck said the life has been challenging for Pravin Bhushan. He had writing skills and this should become his life ‘Mundina Badalavane’ he felt.

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