Madhura Kaavya- Tussle between Ayurveda and Medical Mafia- 3/5 ***
Posted date: 20 Thu, Jul 2023 06:24:51 PM

Movie: Madhura Kaavya (Kannada)

Director: Madhusudhan Kyathanahalli

Cast: Madhusudhan Kyathanahalli, Yashoda Gowda, Rajkumar Navik, Annappa Swamy, Nachappa.

Duration: 135 minutes

Certification: UA

Rating: two and half out of five

Madhusudhan Kyathanahalli, who is an ayurvedic doctor in real life, has handled too many responsibilities including the lead role, direction and bankrolling the movie. Madhusudhan has tried his best to narrate how the medical mafia has become a villain for ayurvedic doctors thus ruining the health and wealth of hapless patients. It is not that he has excelled in this movie but, as a debutant, has tried to make his presence felt in Sandalwood.

Yashoda (Yashoda), an ayurvedic doctor, and Maaveera (Madhusudhan) earn name and fame for providing ayurveda treatment for patients free of cost. They become a hurdle for the medical mafia led by Health Minister Madesha (Nachappa) who owns a hospital. The medical mafia decides to teach a lesson to Yashoda and Maaveera. The medical mafia blames Yashoda and Maaveera for the death of two senior citizens at a medical camp conducted by the latter. As expected, the District Medical Health Officer directs Yashoda and Maaveera not to treat patients and the police register a complaint against them.

Meanwhile, the police come to know about the disappearance of patients from hospitals and villages. A group of people kidnap patients from hospitals and homes of the patients to provide treatment to them in the forest. A few naxals kidnap the Health Minister, the District Health Officer and a police officer. What happens to Yashoda and Maaveera is what Madhura Kaavya is all about.

As far as the performance of the actors is concerned, Madhusudhan Kyathanahalli has acted well. Though he is the director and producer for this movie, he maintains a low profile when it comes to makeup and sharing the screen space. He needs to improve his acting skills in emotional scenes. There is no heroine for him in this movie. Nachappa has acted well as a corrupt health minister.



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