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With an unexpected release ‘Aayushman Bhava’, this Kannada film precisely marked for the release is hitting silver screen on November 15. There was affection and worry from the team members especially producer Nagesh Kumar and Natyaranga on the piquant situation faced.

However, the team of Nam Gani B Com Pass is a whole some entertainer in contents, director and hero of the film Abhishek says he hopes to pass in distinction. Abhishek was mad about making this film and worked in every area with lot of hard work. Aishani Shetty and Rachana are big strength of this film. Producer Nagesh Kumar is the one who has given me birth in cinema says handsome looking hero and director. He believes that Kannadigas would love to take the content oriented film with good quality. On his role of protagonist he says he has become ‘Gani’ after two months of rigorous training. He learnt the habit of becoming lazy bone and lived in that role.

Pretty actress Aishani Shetty says this film is having many valuable contents. Director and hero used to do mimicry and show us how to act. Theme of the film is good and passionate producer we have. The discussion in the team was also very healthy. Natyaranga in this film has given good performance stated Aishani Shetty.

Aishani also mentioned on the first copy screening with cross section of audience. 97 percent of the attendance liked the film. I am in a school girl and matured role that is stubborn in nature she said. There is enough of entertainment and also message she added.

Rachana Dasharath is in short but effective role. There was good chemistry with all team members and the film is not boring at all she says.

Natyaranga, co director and co actor in the film explained the piquant situation of film coming along with Shivanna’s ‘Ayushman Bhava’. Out of 270 people who watched the film 260 gave good opinion he stated.

Producer Nagesh Kumar of ‘Second Half’ in fact did not want to take up cinema career further. But the story and Abhishek continuous inquiry made him to go on his second film. Nagesh thoroughly inquired with his friends like Kalagangotri Manju and after hearing the script for 6 times he approved to make the film.

On the piquant situation of coming inevitably with Shivanna film ‘Ayushman Bhava’ producer Nagesh urged the bigwigs in the industry to bring in discipline. According to him without the censor certificate date should not be announced of any film. The recent example of a big film ‘Ayushman Bhava’ he had in mind to explain his stand.

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