Posted date: 09 Sun, Feb 2020 07:52:24 PM

Here is another knowledgeable and intelligent director and producer Nandalike Nityananda Prabhu son of Nandalike Chandrasekhar Prabhu and Renuka – arrived to Kannada filmdom as director and producer from ‘5feet 7 inches’ Kannada cinema. He has arrived at the average height of Indians in his first film with a cautious approach.

A student of East West Public School who later completed DME in SJP is a mechanical project engineer for a Pharmaceutical company. He went to OMAN who worked in a steel rolling mill as project engineer. His passion for writing stories, Kannada cinema was a long standing one materializing now. He learnt direction and technicalities. Set up his editing, grading and dubbing studio in Rajajinagara.

Married to Nandita with children Aryan Prabhu and Aadhitya Prabhu, Nandalike Nityananda Prabhu first film as director and producer is a suspense thriller film co produced by his father N Chandrashekar Prabhu.

It is a murder mystery. It is a plot to kill a youth prankster entrepreneur. Prankster is entangled in his own pranks and gives police a big task to arrive at the turn of events.

The film has ‘Tantra, Yukthi and Cheste’ – for this ‘Ku’ is added to make it Kutantra, Kucheste and Kuyukthi – the qualities of human being. There is a ‘Crow’ in the film. There is no vulgarity in this murder mystery. It is because of encouragement of my father Chandrasekhar Prabhu I was able to make this film adds NNP.

NN Prabhu knowing what sells in the market has made a right approach forming good team. He has given workshop for the new talent to get best out of them.

The three songs screened were very good and the trailer was brilliantly cut to create talk for the film.

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