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Duration – 139 minutes, Category – Biopic, Rating – 4/5

Title – Naragunda Bhandaya, Producer –  S G Virakthamath, Direction – Nagendra Magadi Pandu, Music – Yashovardhana, Cinematography – R Giri, Cast – Raksh, Shuba Punja, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, Bhavya, Shivakumar, Ravi Chetan, Siddaraja Kalyankar, Ninasam Ashwath and others.

A biopic of 1980 development in Naragund and Navalgund tragedy of farmers is given in the second half with some convincing performance. What the then Indira Gandhi Government of the country introduced and how it was set aside by Ramakrishna Hegde government of non congress I government in state is related to the tax on water and development. The farmers were asked to pay Rs.2500 as tax per acre by the union government in 1980 and that was slashed in non congress I government.

Nagendra Magadi hat trick director in Kannada cinema for the story of producer SG Virakthmath has given a stunning second half. The first half surrounds the villages and families saga. The strong mind set of people of Northern Karnataka and how they prove that they belong to ‘Gandu Mettida Nadu’ is narrated on screen.

The women folks in the villages also take extreme step in ‘Matka’ played their spouses, they unite in transforming the ‘Matka Raja’ is one of the episodes.

There is a love story of Shiva and Rani. The fact of the matter is that Shiva has a short span of time. The true love results in marriage. Eventually the forecast made on Shiva short span of time surface as he falls to the bullet of police.

Shiva played by Raksh is convincing in his first film. He has the height and good dialogue delivery style. His dancing ability and action mood is also acceptable.

Shuba Punja has some punching dialogues and she has done the role with ease. Siddaraja Kalyankar, Avinash, Chitkala Biradar, Ninasam Ashwath, Shivakumar have given good support.

The song a title track ‘Bhandaya Bhandaya Naragunda Bhandaya….sung by Hemanth Kumar is extremely good. There are two other tolerable songs. The dialogues by Keshavaditya are apt and punching at places.

The cinematographer R Giri has shown his expertise showing the huge lands space in one frame.

This is worth watching for the effort, ability and responsibility.

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